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Magento eCommerce Expertise

As a Magento Solutions Partner since 2017, Sytrixx’s eCommerce website developers and designers have cultivated a profound understanding of the platform, its abilities, and how to best use Magento’s strengths to serve our clients.

With more than 12 Magento certifications and 28 custom Magento builds under our belt, our team has mastered all of the essential elements of Magento development

How we can help

Whether your Magento site needs fundamental or incremental changes, we apply our expertise to implement a customized strategy tailored to your business. We understand that ROI is important, and our team works to optimize every facet of your Magento website to ensure when a visitor arrives, they engage in the result you desire.


  • UX/UI research and design
  • Data migration
  • SEO strategy
  • Theme customization
  • Feature customization
  • Design and development
  • App integrations
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Ecommerce marketing strategy


Why Magento

Total control and open-ended capabilities can seem overwhelming, but the right strategy can take full advantage and help businesses of all types succeed. Designed to be completely scalable and offering optimal performance, the Magento platform provides a package of exclusive features both in the backend and frontend to optimize marketing and analytical techniques and improve administration options. All of which dramatically increase the shopping experience of your customers.


  • Designed for growth
  • Customizable and agile
  • Over 1,000 integrations and extensions
  • No hosting or security concerns
  • SEO friendly
  • Optimized mobile experience
  • Minimal load times
  • Faster sales growth
  • International commerce


Magento Is The Most Popular Ecommerce Platform

Magento powers 26 percent of all eCommerce sites in the Alexa top one million sites list, more than any other eCommerce platform. With over 125,000 merchants using Magento for their eCommerce storefronts, including some of the largest brand names in fashion, clothing, sports, and electronics, it has become the digital solution to dominate the global market.

Why choose us for your Magento development?

We’re one of the top Magento agencies

Strategy and Consultation

Our team of seasoned experts guides your brand through the uncharted waters that will lead your business to reach and exceed its goals. By taking the time to familiarize ourselves with your company, its aims, audience, inner workings, and more, Sytrixx lays out a clear roadmap that will illuminate the way forward.



Magento’s open-source framework allows retailers’ imaginations to run wild. Our team’s abilities enable us to turn those dreams into realities for our clients.

No matter if merchants are looking for a tailored build for their brand, a revamp of an existing storefront, or custom-built integrations to enhance site functionality, our team can create anything you can conceptualize.


Progressive Web Application Creation

Progressive web apps (PWAs) provide retailers with fast, flexible, affordable means of presenting shoppers with a site that reflects the eCommerce industry’s future.

Sytrixx’s Rank’s skilled developers can leverage Magento to build your brand a progressive web app that lets consumers shop your site with an app-like interface, thereby increasing speed, personalization, and conversion potential

Data-Driven Design

Sytrixx is an award-winning Magento development company.

With over a decade of industry experience, our crew combines mature and abiding knowledge with contemporary practices to cultivate compelling, cutting-edge, dynamic eCommerce designs that engage users and move them through the sales funnel faster.


Performance Optimization

Speed. Security. Sales.

Sytrixx’s in-the-trenches Magento experience has provided our team with unrivaled knowledge and skill for optimizing eCommerce performance. No matter if we are talking about SERP visibility, security enhancements, conversions, or other critical metrics, our team has what it takes to put you on top.


Post-Production Guidance and Support

Launching your new website is only the first step in your journey to eCommerce success. The site also needs to continue to work efficiently and be updated and optimized correctly as needed.

After your new site has launched, Sytrixx continues to ensure that your team is supported by Magento solution experts who are capable of answering your company’s questions, assisting with post-launch services, and providing all the guidance necessary to establish a firm foundation of success.

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Our Clients

We SCALE eCommerce Brands HARD

Magento SEO

Adobe’s Magento is a powerhouse of eCommerce SEO capability.

But, like all eCommerce platforms, the out-of-the-box solution is full of missteps.

Magento extensions can patch most of the technical issues back together and enable advanced schema/structured data. This not only helps you rank better — it makes your listings draw more attention from little yellow review stars, breadcrumb links to your category silos, and beyond.

A little custom development work in your themes will fix the rest. But only if you know where the opportunity is at.


Hire The Best Magento SEO Firm

Sytrixx’s expert SEO consultants know the platform. Most of our strategists have been doing eCommerce SEO for over 5 years.

We’re specialists in national SEO work for high-end brands. While most SEO firms put minimal effort towards 10-20 ranking factors using automation and mindless outsourcing, we built our own 30-module audit system and have obsessed over all of Google’s hundreds of ranking factors to get there.

And unlike most other SEO companies, eCommerce SEO is the focus. Ours is a model where you can’t hide behind outsourcing and hustling companies that aren’t digital-savvy

Ready to get serious with your Magento store?

We handle all sorts of clients who are ready to push their online business to a new level. Sometimes that means a modern design, a complex tool, or a targeted digital marketing campaign. Sometimes it means all three. Whatever it means to you, we have the expertise to upgrade any Shopify store. Let’s talk today and get started.

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